Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tabitha Jones

For the last few weeks, Sean has been running a very cool D&D 4e game after work and is about to start a new campaign this week based on a world he has created, rather than a pre-gen one. We decided to find minatures and get them painted as part of the process of creating our characters and backgrounds. For once I actually managed to get something painted well in advance... that was until last week when I completely changed classes, races, backgrounds.... but since I got Tabitha (version 1.0 - who's name was going to be Cassie) completed in time, I thought I would share.

The model itself is from Freebooter Miniatures who make some really cool models. To paint it I used Vallejo Game Colour and stuck to a small range of Beasty Brown, Khaki, Earth and Desert Yellow (for the browns) and Imperial Blue, Magic Blue & Electric Blue.

I was particularly happy with how the cobblestones came out, but given that most of the model was painted after work one night, I was happy with the whole thing... of course now I am waiting on my new model to arrive.

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