Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Plastics At FlamesCon!

At FlamesCon this year Battlefront had a little teaser of the some of the plastics that you can expect to see soon, including some serious teasers for next year!

A new frame with both StuG G and StuG G (late) options
Pre-production rapid prototypes of the Cromwell and Comet tanks due out next year
A British infantry frame. Two frames for a full strength platoon with some figures left over for your HQ
Best of all, after a long break I dusted off my EW French and took them out for three games today, winning two games (both 5-2) and loosing one (2-5) I even managed to take out 3rd place on the back of some pretty strong sports votes and a number of the other generals timing out in the last round and bringing home low scoring draws!
The 2nd day of the Late War GT is on tomorrow and with three games to go the top spots are still hotly contested. Meanwhile I'll be bringing out my SSU to join the Dust players in a 1 day tournament.


Ben said...

Man the British Infantry rock! Probably the best set so far (infantry wise) I can't wait to get my hands on all the new British Plastics!


Cameron said...

Is that a Stuh42 barrel I see on the Stug sprue? I sure hope so! The detail on the infantry looks very nice. That Piat looks awesome. They look very detailed.

Admiral Drax said...

Yup - those PBI look really sweet (albeit maybe a wee bit light in the Bren department for LW...?) but a plastic COMET? - now that really does excite me (11th Armoured for the win!)

Unknown said...

If there is a new book come soon do to the plastic Comets, I am thinking it will be themed on the race to the Baltic sea, against the Soviets, to deny them Denmark.

Nick von Cover said...

I've been wondering what plastics were in the works, thanks for posting. I love the plastics that are coming out as they are keeping this hobby reasonably affordable.

BTW, I reposted your photos and linked back to this article at my own site Spotting Round, with links back to this article. Thanks again for posting!