Monday, June 11, 2012

Soviet Mid War Tankovy Company

It has been a while since updates - between a lot of painting and a couple of tournaments, not to mention all that 'boring' family stuff... Since the last post was about my GT list, I thought I would share some images of the 2012 Mid War GT "Best Army" (pretty chuffed I have to say - it was even worth the shot of ketchup during our 24 hour painting challenge a couple of months ago).

The list was:

Light Tankovy Companies: 10x T-26S obr 1939: 205 points.
9x T-26S obr 1939: 190 points.

Heavy Tankovy Company: 6x KV-1e: 620 points.

Tankovy Anti-tank Company: 4x 76mm ZIS3 guns: 130 points.
Light Armoured Car Platoon: 3x BA-64 75 points

Armoured Car Company: 10x BA-10M: 310 points
Sporadic Air Support: I-153: 90 points 

I painted up a few extra pieces along the way just to give me a little flexibility for future events.

Battalion Commander

First T-26 Company

Second T-26 Company
KV Company

Zis-3 AT guns

BA-64 Armoured Cars

BA-10 Armoured Cars (winners of my "man of the match" for their performance over the weekend)

If you shoot them enough, you can kill the biggest of targets!
Now I am trying to work out what I want to paint next for the force... the lure of T-28s is very strong I can tell you now!

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The Kiwi said...

I just scored one of those German Brick tanks. Might have to use it for an Objective as well seeing as I have no intention of ever using one on the table.