Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Salami Dumptruck?

This afternoon I popped out to one of my local gaming clubs for a game of X Wing. So far I had managed to play one test game with Phil at work, and another quick intro style game with some friends. In theory this would be the first "real"outing.

I borrowed Darth Vader off a friend and added in 4 other Tie Fighters (“Mauler Mithel”, "Backstabber", "Winged Gundark" and a Black Squadron Pilot), facing off against Horton Salm (the Salami to his friends) with a seriously pimped out Y Wing, alongside two more unnammed Y Wings (aka the Dumptrucks - they have lots of shields and hit points).
Ready for action
Turn 2: Tie Fighters surround the Y Wings
Turn 3: Initial strafing runs unsucessful, Tie Fighters turn around for another run
Turn 4: Y Wings 360 degree firing Ion Canons cause casualties
Turn 5: Vader finds himself isolated...
Turn 6: and alone...
Turn 7: Ion cannons behind me, laser cannons beside me, stuck in the middle...
Turn 8: and Vader goes down to a Proton Torpedo salvo
So, what did we learn... it takes more than a couple of Tie Fighters to knock over a Y Wing (aka the Dumptruck), in fact the best course of action might have been to fly together as a tight unit pouring fire on to one target as each of the Y's were out of shields and taking damage, of course that does not matter when you run out of guys to shoot at them.

Another good lession was that rolling lots of blank faces on the dice normally results in bad things happening... Darth seemed to be very adept at rolling three jinks or three blanks and nothing in between!

Either way I was great fun and the game was over in about an hour. With a bit of luck my Tie Advanced (with Dark and co) will arrive in the next day or so, letting me noodle up another force to try to take on Dan's Salami Dumptruck Squadron.


M R Lee said...

Cool on the first game there! Have seen a few reviews, and the Y-Wing was not being pushed as a good ship, however I think you learned otherwise ;)

KingDanNZ said...

Takes a Pro-pilot to run those Dump Trucks