Monday, December 17, 2012

Kessel Run!

Over the weekend I headed down to my FLGS (King of Cards) for a X-Wing Kessel Run event. Kessel Run was a special preview event created by Fantasy Flight as part of their X-Wing Miniatures Game due to shipping delays for their 2nd wave of ships. The goal was to head along, play some games and have a chance to win a pre-release Millennium Falcon, Slave I, A-Wing or TIE Interceptor. You also got the chance to have a close up look at the new ships (and cards).

On the day I had a momentary case of brain fade forgetting that my fourth X-Wing was sitting at home, rather than at work with the rest of my X-Wing gear after some after-hours gaming. Arriving at work I quickly modified my list and ended up with Wedge, 2x Rookie X-Wing pilots and 1x Gold Squadron Pilot (in his Y-Wing) with an Ion Cannon.

However I did remember to grab the pre-production GF9 Space Mats so we could play on those as it would look nicer than some plain black table-cloths and hopefully add to the fun of the day. Turning up it seemed that Rebels were definitely out numbered with only three Rebel players and an abundance of 8 TIE fighter squadrons.

Whilst my final standings were not enough to get into the finals pool (and therefore compete for one of the new ships) I did have a great day, and managed to take a few nice photos of the games. The other thing I found very interesting was that whilst many of the competitors were like me (i.e. only played a handful of games) there were many veterans of Wings of War and they definitely seemed to have a leg up on the rest of us. Made me keen to pick up some WoW planes, but the X-Wing addiction might be enough for now...

Games in process

Couple of TIE Fighters lurking away from combat!

Red-on-Red match-up

Furball forming

Wedge and friends go round the outside!

Round 3 - Wedge vs Wedge

Millennium Falcon and A-Wings

A-Wing close-up

Millennium Falcon close-up

Slave 1 and TIE Interceptors

TIE Interceptor close-up

Slave 1 close-up

Final match-up in process

Slave 1 on the tail of the Millennium Falcon 

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