Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prussian Ships Sighted!

Over the Christmas break I managed to be about as even lazy on the brushes as I get, so a few days before I was meant to head back to work I pulled out my Dystopian Wars ships that have been sitting in a part painted state for the last couple of months and hit them hard. I managed to:
  • put decals on 9 Arminius Class Frigates
  • paint and decal 6 Wachter Class Escorts
  • finish detail work and decal 6 Saxony Class Corvettes
  • paint (and decal) 3 Reiver Class Cruisers, and decal another 2
  • finish detail work and decal a Rhine Class Fleet Carrier (including a decent number of decals on the wings of the aircraft on the flight deck
  • paint and decal 3 Stolz Class Destroyers
  • last but not least, complete some last detail work on a pair of Pflicht Class Scoutships
I may need to take a little break from the rest of my ships though as I have to get a couple of armies (one FOW and one Warmachine) painted for some hard deadlines. On the positive side the remaining ships are primarily the ones that I will really enjoy painting (i.e. big ships/airships with really big guns!). I've also ordered the new Danish and Scandinavian ships to add to the fleet. I am current trying to work out a paint scheme for them that will still look Prussian, but have a little local flavour. My current thoughts are to swap the hull colours for the Danish ships, replacing the grey with black, and the black on the dazzle stripes with red. The Scandinavians will get some green added to them (probably replacing the yellow trim on the airship tails). I would like to add some of the green to the Metzger Class Robots to help tie them in as well.

In the meantime, here are some images of the latest ships to come out of drydock.

Wachter Class ships escort three Reiver Class Cruisers
Another angle of the Reiver Class Cruisers
Reiver Class Cruisers surge from a hidden base out to sea
A Rhine Class Fleet Carrier with Saxony Class Corvettes
Another angle of the Fleet Carrier
Close up of the Rhine Class Fleet Carrier
Two Pflicht Class Scoutships pass over the returning Rhine Class Fleet Carrier
The Pflicht Class Scoutships patrol and inspect incoming vessels
A scouting force heads out to sea
The fleet sails!


Clockwerks said...

Wow do these ever look great! I just acquired a decently sized Prussian force, so I'm looking forward to playing around with those.

Amera Plastic Mouldings said...

Excellent pictures, and showing our scenery so well too, just had to share on facebook again Jane from