Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ides of March 2013

After much slacking around on my part, I have finally organised a write up for Ides of March 2013...

Ides was one of the biggest events on the Warmachine calender this year, with around 36 attendees coming from all over NZ. It took me until a week before the event to finally work out what I would be taking as my painting time was jam packed thanks to a T-34 battalion that I was painting for a series of articles for work. Taking the easy route I dusted of Kara Sloan and her Hunters, adding in a Thunderhead and Journeyman Warcaster. Rather than a pile of words about the event, here is a pile of photos!

We were split across three gaming rooms - "The Freezer"
"The Frying Pan" (was waiting for Mr Schuster to appear all weekend!)
"The Fire"
Round 1 vs Reid (Makeda) - an old mate of mine who is converting from Warhammer
Pop Feat, blow away the army, leave a gap for Molik... game over!
Round 2 vs Scott (Fiona the Black) - hmmm what is one of the best players in NZ doing playing me....?
Kara almost Kill Boxes herself... whilst Fiona takes the objective and wins.
Round 3 vs Peter (Morvahna) - Blood Trackers + Regrowth! Hate it when you leave one model in the unit! I played badly, Peter definitely played better... no guessing who won!
Round 4 vs Damien (eButcher) - Damien is another old mate of mine. This was one of those games where you pop Feat, shoot everyone, and it actually works!
Painting Competition!

Saturday evening fun at Chris B's place
Men need sausages not salad!

Thunderdome - the highlight of the evening was a match up from round 4 with about 20 of us watching
Can you tell which one is the master and which one is the apprentice?
Under pressure.....
There is always time for a quick game of X-Wing!
Round 5 vs Graeme (eCaine) - Pop feat, shoot everything, move up Thunderhead, pulse and then shoot Caine some more!
Round 6 vs Mike (Vindictus) - Rinse and repeat... although this time the Thunderhead had to weather a lot of free strikes as he walked out of combat to pulse.
Round 7 vs Matt (eSorsha) - Pop feat, kill Conquest in one turn, watch eSorsha pop her feat and a WG Mortar rolls double 6's to land on Sloan's head! Couple of bullets from the WG Rifle Corps and game over...!
The trophies
One of these two people is Victor, can you tell which one?
Overall, a great weekend, plenty of fun. 7 good games, I even played well in a couple of them... that balances a couple where I played really badly right? Looking forward to next years event - maybe I should start painting now?

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