Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fate Of A Nation - Arab-Israeli Wars

Ever since Pete mentioned the idea of doing a Vietnam game as a Wargames Illustrated "exclusive" all those years ago, I have been quietly hoping and not so quietly agitating for an Arab-Israel version of Flames Of War. Earlier this year I got my wish and so for the past few months Phil has been busily studying every AIW book on my shelf, plus a few more to get his head around a conflict that has kept the attention of the world for so many years.

Best of all, with a lot of guidance from James I was able to paint all the Israeli vehicles in the book (which is one of the reasons I have been a little quiet on the blog since I had so little I could share). I still have a few more to paint for the next Wargames Illustrated deadline in about 3 weeks as Casey and I are going head to head in a battle report (Casey painted all the Egyptians in the book). Really looking forward to putting my Magach and M50/M51 Shermans on the table!

The commercial plug... Fate Of A Nation is coming out FREE with Wargames Illustrated 312, on shelves late September, so tell your retailer you want a copy because once the copies of the mag run out, thats the whole print run of the book gone (as far as I am aware!).


Ben said...

Well thank you for destroying my bank balance! LOL

Chris a big thank you, I was planning on picking up some T-54 to paint up for fun, now I will have to get an army of t-54's, oh and probably some Centurions.... oh and Pattons... and it would be rude to not get some Super Shermans....


The Kiwi said...

Looks really interesting. Looking forward to getting that issue of WI.

Mwnciboo said...

Chris, What date does WI go out?

I really need to subscribe - Waiting on a Vietnam freebie to make me make the leap.


Sophia Wright said...
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