Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Game Of Dust Tactics

I managed to get my first game of Dust Tactics in earlier in the week. Andrew was my designated mentor and with a 2 minute explanation we were up and running, throwing dice and moving units around.

It was a very quick game with a little over 100 points on each side. Basically enough for me to see how the game works without needing to get into too many details. Enough that I can now grab the rulebook and try to get my head around the finer points of Tactics. 

I learnt a few important points - it is fast, and it is very deadly! Just like Warmachine you need to have an understanding of what is facing up against you as a game can quickly turn against you if you let a Flamethrower get a shot off on your walker. The final result was a very marginal win to me, although I think Andrew might have been going soft on the newbie.

Based on what I have seen of the models and a brief chat with Paolo when he was in NZ earlier this year I am definitely excited about having a few more games and then checking out the Warfare rules. I am sure a couple of Pounders would look good in the same 1967 camo as my Flames Of War Israeli tanks!

Walkers keeping an eye on each other
Nothing like a good offence though!

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Khairul Effendy said...

Dude, some walkers in IDF colors would be awesome! You must do it!!