Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Otto Carrius and his Jagdtiger Company

For a quick update I thought I would post the army that I took to Panzerschreck with Mike Haycock, along with the few extra bits and pieces I've painted up for the 512. Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie that I have been working on. I'll have a full event report (of sorts) up over the weekend but hopefully this will suffice for now.
The Panzerchreck 2014 Army
Carrius in his Jagdtiger (left) along with the 2iC. I still need to paint up some extra crew for Carrius' vehicle...
First Platoon of Jagdtigers
Second Platoon of Jagdtigers
15cm Nebelwerfer Battery
Nebelwerfer Command and OP team
Close up of one of the Nebelwerfers


Paul W said...

Lovely looking models Chris. I blogged a report on Panzerschreck and there were comments posted about how nice your Jagdtigers looked! Cheers, Paul :-)

Unknown said...

Nice Jagdtiger photo galery: