Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On The Road To Panzerschreck 2015

Over the next few days I'll do a photo dump of my trip to Panzerschreck 2015. Spoiler alert... Phil and I didn't win. In fact we dropped well down the rankings. But we had some awesome games!

These photos aren't technically in order but who cares...
Always time to strike a pose; Phil, Mike, Wayne, Andrew, Mike, Victor and me
Waiouru in the far distance looking cold!
Keeping an eye out for black ice!
Snowball fight!
Fog rolling in... time to leave in case there are white walkers following!
Taupo Hobbies - about an hour north of the rest of the photos. Well worth a visit, lots of cool stuff to check out including some 1/144th scale F-4E Phantoms for my Israelis
Next time, I'll have some in game shots and highlights from the weekends gaming, and then a pile of photos from inside the Waiouru Army Museum. In the meantime, stay frosty.

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