Friday, March 18, 2016

Painting my Team Yankee Petrol Station

Its funny what you get excited about when a new project rolls through the Studio and in the case of Team Yankee I'm on a real high about the terrain. I've been mucking about with making some terrain bases (more on this later) for me to put buildings on, making up car parks etc and painting up my Petrol Station.

The original inspiration to do a little work on it came from Casey who whipped up some pump signs and posters to decorate your station. From here I did a little digging and found a wonderful reference photo of a Lego Shell Petrol Station and decided that would be my inspiration. 

Painting the station was actually quite easy. I have a pile of different widths of masking tape thanks to a few earlier projects and I just progressively masked and spray my colours on. It's important to leave each colour to dry thoroughly before masking for the next stage, to make sure the tape doesn't pull off paint that hasn't cured fully.... I learnt that one the hard way.

The station passes the table top test but if you look a little close you can see places where the colours have bled under the masking tape. But on the table it looks great - especially with an M1 about to drive through!
First pass with the masking tape.
Last colour going on.
Finished with some posters added. The Pepsi poster was attacked with a knife to make it look faded and ripped.

Whereas the Coke poster is untouched and new!
Finished, on the table.

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