Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Brief Distraction? Returning to Battletech?

Many years ago, perhaps more than I care to admit, I watched some of my club mates playing Battletech. They had lovely models, terrific terrain and it all looked like fun. It wasn't long before I headed down that particular rabbit hole. A hole I went down hard and stayed inside for many years.

Even now, years since I picked up a book or miniature I still have all of my old Battletech source books sitting on a shelf in the office next to my computer and whilst the miniatures are relegated to the garage I know exactly where they are (and that is really saying something).

Over the years I've supported my enthusiasm with a variety of games, whether it was the original Crescent Hawks Inception (which I first played in Farmers, a chain department store here in NZ) as a much younger man, through to the most recent release, Battletech - Tactical Mech Combat.

Playing this most recent Battletech game over the past few nights I've found my original love for the game rekindled, so much so that I've been having silly thoughts about pausing all my other hobby projects to dig out some old and rather badly painted mechs, strip them off and attack them with the airbrush.

That is the problem with rabbit holes, they can be so warm and cosy you just want to try heading down them one more time to relive all the good memories... Surely it shouldn't take long to paint strip, rebuild and paint the 24 mechs, o that the Black Widow Company and Fox's Teeth can once again roam the battlefield?

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