Monday, June 6, 2011

Swamp Gobbers!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to play in one of the most enjoyable wargaming tournaments I can remember in a long time. Sean, Victor and I teamed up for the Warmachine Teams event at Nicon in Hamilton. We went into the event with the right spirit - turning up and having fun was more important that any other consideration. This was of course lucky as we only managed to get 2 wins out of a total of 18 games... :) Off the field it was also a great event with Skeeter lining us up with a great motel that came with a large lounge, a large TV and comfy couches for post match relaxation...

For our troubles we actually managed to bring home some silverware (which was entirely unexpected) pulling off the coveted Swap Gobbler Award (Wooden Spoon) and the Exemplars Award (awarded to best all round Team who display Page 5 qualities).
As for Karchev... he is going to take a little retirement break (along with Sean and Victors casters) whilst we try and wrangle a few of the guys at work into playing some games. I'm currently debating eVlad or perhaps Kara or Kraye with my "Hunter-rama" list.

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