Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorsha goes to Guardcon?

Okay, so many many weeks ago I thought I would paint up a Menoth Battlebox to take to Guardcon (which is a Battlebox tournament) but things conspired against me and a general lack of enthusiasm on the brushes (at least for anything bigger than very small ships - more on that later) resulted in the Kreoss and his boys being assembled, undercoated, and some base colours put on before I decided to call it quits. So up stepped Sorsha.... given the fact that I have a Juggernaut and Destroyer already done this was definitely the easy option and I completed her over the course of a weekend. I'm not happy with how the face turned out so I will have another crack at that next week, but for now she is heading to Guardcon.

Sorsha in her natural environment
Meanwhile I have also been distracted by a pile of little ships (although this turned up in the post today!). I am just waiting for some decals to arrive from Dom's Decals so I can finish off my first batch of Dystopian Wars ships (that an I need a favour from a friend with a laser cutting machine!), but I'll have pictures of them up next week assuming the decals arrive. 

Metzger Class Robot

I also played a very quick test game of Force on Force yesterday. Predictably the US Marines played by Phil managed to clean up the small unit of insurgents hiding in the town, but a lucky burst of fire caught one fire team moving in the open, killing 1 marine and heavily wounding another. It was a good lesson in how quick and nasty the game can be... definitely enthused to get some figures painted over the Christmas break - although there are way too many things that I am planning to paint over this period already so it might be a bit of a rough time on the paint brushes.

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