Sunday, November 20, 2011

Iron Painter 2011

This weekend (in fact right now even) a few of us from the office are doing a 24 hour painting challenge to paint a 500 point Raiding (or Garrison) Force from Burning Empires. I'm doing a Compagnia Mitraglieri which has a couple of platoons of infantry, a platoon of artillery and some AS37 Autosaharianas. 16 hours in (almost 4 in the morning) and its not looking too flash I have to say... I have 20 stands of infantry or guns to knock out by midday....

Here is a before shot of the AS37 platoon - an after shot will be up later in the week. For more info check out the Flames of War website though.

And for something a little lighter.... Sean was clearly having a bad afternoon on Friday. Although the other guy in the comic looks particularly charming! 

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