Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is coming...

With Christmas just around the corner a wargamer turns to such thoughts as.... so what projects will I start over this holiday and not get finished! At least I do anyway. Its been a long year and I am really looking forward to Christmas as an opportunity to (hopefully) finish off some projects that have been sitting in my WIP list for way too long and with three weeks off this could be my chance.

Top of the list has to be my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet. I made such great progress on them earlier in the year (and they are easy to paint), but they have been a challenge to find the enthusiasm to kick start again. Worst of all Spartan Games keep putting out more great looking ships (oh the hardship).

Next is my French EW Compagnie de Chasseurs Portes. These are Confident Trained guys running round in armoured halftracks and they look super cool. I've got a pile of Evan's new sculpts (which are perfect for these guys as they don't have the greatcoats) and I am working on a test stand now. Of course I have to have the army finished for Battlecry in February 2012.

I've signed up to do an article for the website looking at how to enhance the new range of Desert Buildings, so now that its in print I guess I had better make sure I get that done over the break. Mike put together an awesome article for WI about the tweaks you can make to really make the Desert Terrain range pop, so I plan on stealing a few of his ideas. As a bonus the terrain will work well for Force on Force too!

Speaking of Force on Force... I'd really like to finish my US Marines. Now that I have a paint scheme I am happy with, and know I can knock them out really quickly I would like to put a tick in that box.

Next up... eBaldur for Warmachine. Sean, Victor and I have to defend out Warmachine Teams Tournament record (last.... but we did it in the nicest possible way) and we are all bringing along Hordes forces this year. There is a great article about converting Megalith (eBaldur's best friend) and making him look a little more natural so I am guessing I'll need to take a look at that. I'll be using Equinox in mid March as my test event prior to the teams tourney.

Last project on the list is to finish assembling and painting some Perry Miniatures American Civil War buildings. These look great (although can be a little fiddly to put together) and will do nicely for some Wild West action next year. I've got plenty of barrels and fences as well so we should be able to have a good gun fight or two, with plenty of obstacles to hide behind.

Phew.... that's a lot of stuff! And of course somewhere in there I need to fit in all the chores around the house that my wife will be expecting. Thank goodness I managed to resist purchasing The Old Republic or I would have never gotten anything done.

And on the lighter side, looks like Sean has been up to his old tricks again...

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