Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EW French Infantry

Spent a little time over the weekend putting together a test stand for my EW French Infantry list. The plan is to take it along to Battlecry early next year so I need to get it knocked our pretty quickly. I'm very happy with how 95% of the model turned out, I just need to re-do the faces as I took a few too many shortcuts. Basically used the new German Armour (desert) spray can, painted the bags, helmet, weapons, webbing etc as per Blitzkriegs paint guide, then a predominantly brown magic wash, quick highlight and done!

Also managed to mix up a flock combination that I am happy with (2x GF9 Winter/Dead Static grass, 1x Spring Undergrowth, 1x Meadow Blend) so I now need to mix up a whole tub of it!

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