Monday, January 9, 2012

Early War French Infantry Company

With the break over Christmas I have not managed to finish quite as many things as I was hoping, however I did get the first 20 stands of my Early War French Infantry finished, with another 6 just needing the AT guns painted and they will join the ranks! Of course I still need to paint up a pair of artillery batteries (although only 1 is needed for Battlecry 2012) and another platoon of AT guns.... and a massive pile of vehicles. Buts lets celebrate knocking off one milestone, at least now if I don't get the Lorraine 38L Carriers done (the infantry armoured personal carriers) I can at least use the force as an infantry company and not feel like I have wasted any painting time!
Company HQ and 2iC

First Platoon

Second Platoon


Victor Pesch said...

They're actually not that bad... :P

deathkorps said...

They look great dude, and I love the flock combo you decided on. Mas pimpage!