Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Magach = More Fun?

The Christmas holidays have not proven to be quite as sucessful as I had hoped due to some unplanned things popping up, however over the last few days I have been able to get a few things moved along the Work in Progress track.

First up... I managed to get the rest of my 1967 Israeli vehicles base coated. Based on the points costings from Flames of War Vietnam, this is way too many points for the average game, but he who dies with the most toys wins right! (?) There is of course one missing (my test model). I've also noticed a mould line that I thought I managed to take care of on the left tracks, but despite a fair amount of work the light colour scheme has made it come back like good Rodney Dangerfield movie. I figure I'll need to come up with some cunning stowage to hide it!

M48A3 Magach

M113 Armoured Personal Carriers
I've also started putting together a 1956 based Israeli force using M4A1 Sherman 76mm tanks. Still need to do a little re-reading but assuming they are Confident Trained this force would blow past 1750 points pretty quickly - of course I'd also need a list where I can take mutiple 76mm Sherman platoons. Maybe this is my chance to start playing with inDesign and make up my own one - how hard can it be... maybe I should stick with Microsoft Excel....

In '56 the Israeli's were using a mixture of Shermans that they managed to beg, borrow and steal, as well as a small number of AMX-13 light tanks. Just prior to the '56 war they received 100 M4A1 Sherman 76's from the French, a number of which actually made it into fighting units. I'd like to paint up a platoon of 75mm Shermans, however the majority of the ones they were using were either M4 105's, re-gunned to have 75mm guns (which Battlefront does not currently make a model of) or a surprising number of M4A4Ts (these were standard M4A4 Shermans where the French replaced the engines which resulted in them having engine decks like an M4A1) but I am not keen to convert these up just yet - maybe that would be an interesting project for later in the year?
M1 Super Shermans
These were not repainted and remained Olive Drab (along with the rest of the Shermans during this period), however they will get a damn good dusting to make them like nice and sandy, the OD colour should make them quick to paint up though.


Amroth said...

Where did you get the 105mm Barrels for the M48s? Or did you scratch build them?

Wargamer on Tour said...

I am terrible at scratch building, a friend was kind enough to whip them up for me.