Monday, February 6, 2012

Early War French WIP

Thanks to a couple of long weekends I have managed to make some serious progress on my French - of course with Battlecry 2012 only a couple of weeks away the pressure is on. I have completed all my gun crews which cover two batteries of artillery, a platoon of 47mm guns, as well as finishing up my 25mm Hotchkiss crews. 

25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun Platoons

SA-37 47mm AT Gun Platoon

75mm mle 1897 Artillery Battery

155mm C mle 1917 S Heavy Artillery Battery

I still need to complete my De Dion et Bouton SP 75mm AA trucks, as well as my HMG nest (not to mention the guns to go with the crews - as you can see they are still very much unpainted other than a little primer). Hopefully my plan to resolve that issue will take shape over the next couple of days.... More photos later!

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