Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Post Battlecry Hilarity!

With Battlecry 2012 done and dusted (and me almost caught up on sleep!), I thought I would steal a few photos from King Dan, as well as show off a few photos of my finished army. In terms of my experience I have to say I had a blast! This was my first EW Tournament in about two years (i.e. before the release of Blitzkrieg) where I played zee Germans at a NATCON in "the Hutt". Thanks to Gav for organising, thanks to my opponents for the games (wish I could have been a tougher opponent for a few of you!).

In terms of my overall performance.. it was not as good as I had hoped, but half of that blame lies with me being a little asleep at the wheel, and a little with some poor list choices! I really should have found a way to wedge in the Sapper Platoon, as well as some R-35s so that I had some maneuver elements.

Very excited about filling out the French, but I am also concious that I have many tournaments over the next couple of months and much painting to do!

Games in process photos
Sam's Panzers dismembering me

75mm SP AA about to deploy
 Battlecry 2012 French Legionaire Company
Company HQ

Infantry Platoon

25mm Hotchkiss AT Guns (only 1 platoon was in the Battlecry list)

Self Propelled 75mm AA (Dion de Bouton 75mm)

75mm mle 1897 Battery

75mm Staff Team

75mm mle 1897 gun
155mm C mle 1917 S Heavy Artillery Battery

155mm C mle 1917 S gun
The Defences!

The Rest of the French...
SA-37 47mm AT Gun Platoon


Victor Pesch said...

The whole force together looks pretty impressive. The flock ties it all in nicely.

cbaxter said...

this looks awesome! very nice looking troops too