Saturday, March 17, 2012

Equinox 2012 - Day 1

The Hall
As expected, day one of Equinox was a blast - four games down, 2 wins and 2 losses. We ended up with 28 players after a couple of guys had to drop out at the last minute, and across all the competitions (FoW, WHFB and 40K) there were well over a hundred sweaty bodies in hall  :)  Best of all we had a great turn-out from the "Out-of-Towners" (all of whom are great blokes to play!) with the Hamilton and Wellington boys turning out in force.

The day did not start off too well as I slept in, luckily my first round opponent had a few issues with his arrival time and we were able to get started in the nick of time. I played a fellow Circle player who was running a Morvana + Tharn list and it was running circles round me - I really wish I owned some except for the fact I really do not like the models. We ended up timing out and I won on the first tie breaker (having a fully painted army.... yes, you read correctly... check out the rules for Equinox).

Round two was up against a Troll player that had just rolled Victor - he had a wall of Fennblades that when combined with Borka's spells made them particularly useful, getting a string of knockdowns on my beasts. I put in a valiant effort but made a couple of stupid mistakes which meant I had no chance in pulling off a lucky Pureblood spray attack + couple of magic attacks from Kaya one-in-a-million shot win

Round three saw me sitting near the bottom of the table, playing a list very similar to mine - drop the Argus and a Wolf for Druids, Blackclad and Wilder essentially. This started out badly when one of my Ferals was quickly dropped by his Stalker (which his Kaya teleported back to safety). However he seemed to forget about the scenario and I managed to win on Control Points - I'd also dropped much of his army thanks to a few cunning strikes by my surviving Pureblood and Stalker.... I also used the Argus' spray attack for possibly the first time (it even stopped his remaining beast from contesting the control point).

The last round was a bit ugly - Durgen and waves of infantry that managed to nibble at by beasts and then in a couple of turns drop all of them. I was able to make a good account of myself, but really missed having a unit of infantry to screen me beasts.

I did manage to take a few photos, but the camera was not great... as you can see below.
Random Draw Prize - super schweeeet engraved beer mug!
The Trophies
First Place Trophy (and thats about as close as I would be getting to holding it!)

I'll have a wrap up tomorrow (Assuming I survive another 3 rounds)

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