Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Pre-painted Miniature from Wargamer on Tour Studios

I guess Blake said it best when he mentioned that I finally had a miniature that did not need painting, or smuggling past my very forgiving wife!

Weighing in at 8lb 7oz, Stephen Allan Townley came into the world on the 5th of August. This little man is my first child and like most new dads out there I am pretty happy (classic understatement there!) to have the new addition to the family. He is named after my father (Stephen) and Sheena's (Allan) as neither of them got a chance to meet him.

So far he has been a pretty laid back guy, happy enough to be fed, changed, bathed and allowed to sleep (as long as he is nice and warm) and even managed to watch a good portion of the first season of Battlestar Galactica with me last week whilst him mum was catching up on sleep.

Stephen - 1 hour old
Very tired dad!
Stop tickling my tummy!
Thanks to this new addition (already using him as a scapegoat) I am a bit behind on my Prussian Month wrapup, so I'll get that done in the next couple of days as well as taking a look at some of the cool new gaming stuff that has come out of the woodwork over the last few days.


Victor Pesch said...

Better than your usual work!

deathkorps said...

Agreed! Congrats dude

Sicarius said...

Congratulations! That is just fantastic. Now I understand why you didnt make Call to Arms. Although there was talk of nominating you for the Best Sports award anyway :)

Your son looks like a gamer-in-waiting...