Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prussian Month Wrap Up

Well, another month (and three weeks) have passed so I thought I would look back and check out what I achieved during Prussian Month. As it turns out.... not a lot! With the incoming arrival of my son and a fair amount of apathy, plus a mid month arrival of Dropzone Commander I managed to get very little done. I have around 35 or so ships somewhere in the process of undercoated through base coated and whilst they do not require much work once all the base colours are on it still seems to be a bit of a sticking point at the moment. Below are some "representative" images of where the fleet got to.

Gewitterwolke and Imperium Sky Fortress - almost base coated

Imperium Sky Fortress from another angle - not sure about the blue for the planes.
Gewitterwolkewith the bomb bay doors open

Rhine Class Fleet Carrier and Blücher Class Dreadnought - a long way to go on both

A selection of the other vessels - at least the masking tape part (for the black and white stripes) is over and done with.

I did get my latest order of Amera Plastics islands however. I bought a couple of their Fantasy Hills, which are made from a thicker plastic and gave me a couple of fairly flat pieces so that I could make an island airfield, as well as a small corner headland for the table. This would give us a couple of interesting terrain pieces for scenarios or just general play. I've spent a little time playing around with the arrangement of Spartan Games buildings and accessories and I think I have something that will work. Now I just need to pull out the airbrush and go to work on them. Easier said than done at the moment when painting is one of those priorities that is struggling to make its way to the top!
Industrial Headland

Close up of the Bunker Complex

Headland from the top - still trying to decide if I will glue the buildings down. Makes them harder to transport but it will look better.

Island Airfield

Complete with Zeppelin Tower and Radar Station

Island Dock - this piece goes with one of the other Amera islands and fits nicely into the bay

With a couple of left over Prussian Tower guns, the ships should be safe at port.
Dystopian Legions logo - Prussian version
On other Dystopian Wars news it has been a big week or so for Spartan Games, previewing the Kingdom of Denmark fleet, as well as land forces for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth land forces, the Dominion of Canada, as well as their new campaign book Storm of Steel! I've already pre-ordered my copy... Their other bit announcement has been Dystopian Legions - 28mm gaming set in the Dystopian Wars universe. I am excited about this, but not sure if I would be so excited that I would be an adopter of the game. Mainly because I already have a pile of things to play, a larger pile of things to paint and only so much time in the week. Although the images they have put up on their site are pretty awesome so I think it is safe to say I'll invest in the rulebook if nothing else... any maybe a few figures just to have a look... and then maybe a few more....
Prussians vs the FSA (shamelessly stolen from Spartan Games website)
Well, that wraps up Prussian Month - depending on how much painting time I get over the next month or two I am planning on finishing up the islands, as well as my ship backlog. Still contemplating if I want to base my ships, still very tempted but at the same time if I don't then I am one step closer to having them finished!


Scary Biscuits said...

Looks great! Well done. Those buildings look pretty neat.

Amera Plastic Mouldings said...

Great photos, and any chance we could share these too on our facebbok page?. Shows how versatile the scenery can be! Thsnks Jane from Amera

Allan and Carmen said...

Great Blog!

Love the updates you keep putting up.

Subscribed ;)

Happy Gaming,


D00rsal said...

Hey mate wondering what colours are used being used here would love to try it on my own fleet. Great work as well!