Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG

With Sean and Victor heading off to PAX, I nicely asked them to pick up some phat loots for me - the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Unfortunately some baggage guys in the US had other plans!

Luckily it arrived in hand a few days later, leaving me with a good 24 hours of fondling! It is a weighty tome of a book, plenty of great fluff for the WarmaHordes geek, character generation has been covered forward and back on various blogs and it is as good as everyone says. Plenty of variation, plenty of character ideas leaping to mind. Victor is going to run a campaign for us once Sean's existing D&D game runs its course and I am really excited - currently trying to decide if I want to play a Ogrun Mighty Man at Arms Field Mechanic (big "tank" style of character, upfront taking the hits with a 'Jack in support), or something that likes to lurk a little further back, letting others take the hits. So many choices!

As for all the other projects on my desk I have not been terribly active, to much time playing with the new miniature  :)

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