Thursday, April 4, 2013

WWPD4Vets Gaming Day (at BF HQ)

Over the weekend we rounded up a few people to spend the day playing games all in the aid of charity. It's a hard life.....! Wayne and Mike organised a large "Return to Budapest" game with 4 generals per side and 1000 points each. I thought this could be a good chance to roll out my T-34s that I had just finished painting

I also dug out some old LOTR Rohan figures that I picked up for a long forgotten project and turned them in to a force for Saga (I am calling them the Ro-Normans or Ro-Bretons) for an intro game with Wayne. Finally I managed to play a couple of games with Warma-Hordes verses Casey and long time Warhammer opponent Reid.

It was great to spend a day gaming, but even more importantly it was nice to help the WWPD guys raise some money for a very worthy charity.

Wayne and Mike set up for the big game
Mike's Strelkovy move up through the factory
The Sturmtigers hold the plaza
My T-34/85s support the advancing IS-2s - The T-34s would be routed from the field but no until we had a commanding lead on Victory Points
The Ro-Normans take the field (and get smashed - probably the lack of paint)
Kara's gun line vs Casey's Legion. Too much shooting for Casey to get his head around
Reid and Gordon have a game (converting them both from Warhammer)
Kara vs Reid, seconds after her Feat and a lot of shooting remove Molik Karn

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