Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Minutemen might as well JUMP!

I've had three Minutemen sitting in a blister pack ever since they were released. As this blog makes pretty clear I love the Hunter chassis, so adding a 'jack that could jump, had two nasty little guns and a flak field to that chassis meant I was always going to be getting some for my Kara Sloan list! I was a little disappointed with the models when I received them, not because the 'jack looks anything less that outstanding, more because the pose was so distinct that you had to do some serious work to make them look like individuals. Of course PP probably did not expect people to want to own three of them (I figure I had three Hunters so each one needed a friend!).

The solution was simple and just required a little work with brass rod and GF9 clump foliage. Hope you like the result...
The 'jack on the left is as standard from the blister, the other two have had their legs reposed to appear in-flight.
Close up rear view - the foam needs a few applications of watered down PVA and will be painted black and grey.

As the Van Halen song says... Might as well Jump. Go ahead, jump!


khairul said...

They work! I think you're onto something there mate :)

Mark Hazell said...

lol awesome work Chris. Once they are painted up they should look mint as :)