Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woldwrath... Oh My!

I have been wanting to assemble a Colossal or Gargantuan for some time, but never seemed to get round to it so over the last few days I decided to get my act together and give it a go, after all they are just big 'jacks or beasts right?... hmmm not so much!

First up let me say that this is a fantastic model and was a joy to put together (once I figured out the assembly instructions) and looks great once finished. I still have a few metal pieces to glue on but it is otherwise complete and I am really happy with the entire look and feel of the model. If you have not seen Sean Bullough's shots of the master, it is worth checking out here...

I did break one of my rules (avoid pinning at all cost) and broke out the brass rod and GF9 pinning kit as I was worried about the size of the model and the effect of gravity over time. Almost every joint on this model is pinned (and in the case of the right arm, pinned twice!) to just give it a little more strength. The upside is that the PP resin/plastic is really easy to drill  because some of the components are hollow (as my initial suspicions suggested when I held some of the components) to reduce weight and resin, all of which equals reduced production costs and, in my opinion, a better model. 

As you can see I opted to leave the arms off as I have no idea how I would paint it otherwise. Unfortunately for me I have a few projects competing for painting time at the moment so I am not sure when I will start putting some paint on, but I did notice that I have a Woldwyrd,Woldwarden, a partially complete Woldwatcher and a unit of Woldstalkers that also require some painting and assembly so I might have a "Wold Month" later in the year..

Looking at the big fella next to Megalith and eBaldur though I can tell you that I am looking forward to putting some paint on him!.

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