Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Building a better 'Jack

We are getting closer to starting up our first Iron Kingdoms RPG at work and I am still trying to decide on what to play. I've decided that I want my character to have a warjack at some point so I thought I would construct one to represent whatever I (hopefully) acquire at some point. I had a good look through my left over resin 'jack parts, added a few rare earth magnets, a Mule chassis and came up with these (I still need to work on another couple of options just for fun). This will mean that no matter what equipment load-out I end up with, my 'jack will be ready for battle.
The ghetto Centurion
The budget Destroyer
Nomad says "Where is my buckler!
I have a few painting projects on the go for work that need to take priority, so I will be parking this for a while but I have a cunning plan with plenty of chipping and weathering (which I have never really done so it should be fun to learn).

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