Sunday, July 10, 2011

Call To Arms 2011

Okay, so the CTA players pack is now up on the ThrallBlacks blog, short version... I'm gonna get pwned  :)

Two games at 20 points:
Kara Sloan (+6)
Hunter - 6 points
Hunter - 6 points 
Hunter - 6 points  
Rangers - 5 points
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - 2 points
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator - 1 point

Two games at 30 points:
Above, plus Defender - 9 points

Three games at 40 points:
Above, plus the much maligned Triumph - 11 points

Now I could take two lists, but that would; A, suggest that I was taking it waaaay too seriously, and B, result in me having to paint two casters.... not to mention work out how two lists work instead of not knowing how one works  :D

On the postive side, 7 rounds against what sounds like a good bunch of gamers, and the chance to spectate the final play-off between 1st and 2nd. Add in the chance to catch up with some of the Wellingtonians, a visit to Uncle Changs for dinner on the Saturday night... could the weekend get any better!

Although I think I had better get painting so I can organise a couple of practice games against the locals (more on the painting front tomorrow once I have a few pictures of a WIP Hunter).

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