Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Call To Arms Practice Game - Kara vs McBain

Victor and I had a quick 40 point game tonight, largely so he could play around with some different combinations and so that I could have my first run with my Kara / Hunter list.

Victor had:

Rutger Shaw
     Marshalling a Vanguard
Taryn di la Rovissi
Devil Dogs
     Marshalling a Talon

Thor Steinhammer
     Marshalling two Gun Bunnies
Alexia Ciannor & The Risen

Dannon Blythe and Bull
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

It was a great game, our dice were particularly bad resulting in a fair amount of laughs. Its amazing how many dice throws you can fail on 6's!

I sent the Hunters up the left flank to take on the Thor (and the Bunnies), Dannon and Bull. My heavies propped up the centre, whilst the Rangers hid in a forrest to lay down supporting fire. Popped my feat early and put a dent in the left flank, but failed a "use brain" test resulting in the feat turn not being as sucessful as hoped. The Nomands came straight up the middle with Alexia, Rutger, Taryn and the Vanguard moving against the Hunters. My Triumph held up the Nomands for a turn, bit of support fire from the Hunters and Kara knocked down one Nomand, but the survivor took out my Defender. At this point Victor pushed forward to get a result one way or another and found a couple of bullets from Kara (as well as a hit from a Hunter) resulting in a quick finish as McBain strayed a little too close.

Hunters are awesome, but need to keep moving because as soon as anyone gets their hands on them, they are dead...
Rangers only have a 10 "range... not 12  :)
Triumph really is a bit toss.... luckily I love the model!
Kara is awesome, but once the enemy hits your lines the game can go badly... quickly.

Definitely need to look at getting Captain Jeremiah Kraye painted in time for the event so that I can run two casters at the tourney just to give myself some flexibility.... or course that still sounds like taking the whole thing a little too seriously!

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