Monday, July 11, 2011

Kara Sloan and her Hunters II

I actually managed to sit down over the weekend and get some painting done, luckily I had a backlog of podcasts to work through so the two things went hand in hand nicely.

Have not managed to get any of the first five jacks finished, although one Hunter (see below) is dangerously close. Not happy with where the Defender and Triumph are, they are just too blue. On the three Hunters I quite like the ratio, but I need to go back to the drawing board with the heavies. Victor made the suggestion at work that I just needed more metalics and annoyingly he may be right - I say annoyingly as it will require a heck of alot more painting  :(

Wednesday night I have arranged a 40 point playtest though, so I am excited to get some practice games in before CTA in a month and a bit, hopefully it will pay off.

Hunter # 1 (almost complete)


The base is a resin cast from Back 2 Base-ix. I really like how it has come out so I am tempted to go nuts and replace the majority of my bases with theirs.... just not sure I can handle rebasing that many things.

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deathkorps said...

Nice action pose there! Is that how the model comes, or did you convert it?