Saturday, August 20, 2011

Call to Arms: Day 1

It been a big day of gaming down here in Wellington! We played two games at 20 points and two at 30. Sadly the games have gone the way that I expected, with 4/4 loses.... Faced off against (in no particular order):
Rasheth - managed to clean out much of his force over to turns of shooting but found Kara's face being blown off through a couple of channelled spells,
Caine - just played like a complete moron, wasted my feat and lost through control points.
Madrak - Mulg to the face..... 'Nuff said.
Xerxis - large mob of Cetrati in shield wall combined with Defenders Ward and I just could not put them down.

Tomorrow morning I am fighting to retain m plc at the bottom o the table as I match off against the only other player with no wins.... Hopefully I'll have a bit more success to report.

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