Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hungarian Rohamágyús Üteg Goes To War

After much procrastinating, I finally managed to finish my Hungarian Assault Gun Company that I started almost a year ago in preparation for the NZ Late War GT. Technically the army still needs a couple of things to be painted before it is truely finished (an Infantry Platoon, a PaK40 Platoon, a few more tanks and a single tank crewman for one of my L3's) but I am prepared to call it done for now!

My report from Panzerschreck is up on the Flames of War website. Its a great list to play and definitely has some of the coolest looking models in the Flames of War range so its an absolute winner as far as I am concerned... 

Zrinyi Company

L3/35 and Csaba Armoured Cars

Hungarian Panthers

40mm Bofors Battery

149mm 14/31M Howitzer Battery

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deathkorps said...

Nice job. Those look great