Friday, May 11, 2012

Wold Week: Megalith...SMASH

Wold Week has finished, I am just being slack in terms of getting the final thoughts on the blog! It was a good week, got a pile of stuff done (not as much as I hoped) but I am back on painting T-26s at full speed for another week now, so there is no chance to finish the Circle boys off. Of course they need to be ready in three weeks so I am sure there will be another update shortly on the Wolds.

In the meantime, here is the modified Megalith. I changed him from the standard pose and dropped the arms to make him a little easier to store and carry. The only part that I could not make my mind up on were the "shoulder pads". In the end I decided to remove them and rotate them in line with the arms - my logic was that these should be articulated so that he can more easily drop the shoulder whilst charging and put stone to face!

I'll have some more photos of the entire force up "soon"...

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