Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wold Week: Woldwatcher Done(?)

Finished my test Woldwatcher with a little help first thing this morning before work, still needs basing and my secret final additional touch (more on that later in the week). Not 100% happy with the stonework, the face especially... might have a play with that later in the week once I have the other three completed. Victor suggesting trying some of the new GW washes to help build up some contrast... always looking for an excuse to buy new paints so I might have to go and have a look at them!

Also got distracted last night by having to do some more work on my Soviet Mid War GT army... finished the assembly of 21 T-26 tanks! Not a bad nights work I thought.

Tonight I will work on my Woldwyrd, leaving me a Woldguardian and Megalith to try to knock out over Wednesday and Friday nights... I sence a failure about to happen as the new Avengers movie is calling pretty hard as a much better way to spend Friday night!


cbaxter said...

very nice, i love this model

Wargamer on Tour said...

Thanks, I'm really happy with most of how the model turned out. Looking forward to fielding the Wolds in a few weeks thats for sure!