Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wold Week: Wold Guardian

Wold Week continues... (Its like Shark Week on Discovery but with more stone and less teeth!)

This morning I finished up my Wold Guardian. I am happy on the whole with how he turned out, although I wished I spent a little more time practicing how to paint stone before tackling this guy as I think I could have done a better job. However the finished look is cool and once I add my secret ingrediant (more info coming soon) and finish the basing I think he will really pop on the tabletop.

Next on the list is Megalith, I have decided that I will convert his pose from the traditional hands up, to a something a little easier to transport! 

I've already put a little paint on him, but it is only the base colour for the stone and wood so no great loss if I end up having to redo a little of that work, especially if I have a nicer looking model at the end of the process. I expect to have some photos of him tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm off for my first game with eBaldur and the Wold boys. Going to give Victor a game later today and with a bit of luck I'll confirm that I have a workable list for NiCon... Mike has even promised to show me how Saga works, so it will be be a good day of gaming!

Wold Family...

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