Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guardcon Day 2

Day two of Guardcon started off well. Since we were playing a Battlebox event and got through 6 rounds on day one, we had a late start (which was a new thing to me... a nice cooked breakfast and a sleep in whilst friends playing Warhammer and Flames of War had a much earlier start!) and a relaxed morning.

I played Gorton, Madrak and Gorton. Each of the games were great fun, but I was putting myself under some pressure as I was floating near the top at the start of the day. In the first game I made a couple of reasonably crucial mistakes resulting in three Gunners turning Sorsha into a fine mist. Against Madrak it was a more even contest (although Chris B did have to point out that we had misread the mission).... Madrak found himself on the end of a Wind Rushing Sorsha who put him down with her last attack. The last game of the day was against my old nemesis Victor who had already mentioned that his weekend would be complete if he could beat me! We had a fantastic game where once again Chris needed to point some obvious parts of the scenario... This time Sorsha made her Wind Rush but fell 1 point short of killing Gorton (that will teach me for leaving my dice at home and borrowing Victors!). Gorton tried to put Sorsha down and failed, however a lone Gunner casually wandered over to the flag and scored the final point required for a scenario win!

In the final wash up though I managed a very respectable third which was significantly higher than my placings in the previous four events I'd played.... mind you top half would have been significantly higher too!

Check out ThrallBlacks for more photos.

Sorsha Wind Rushing fake Sorsha on Day 1 (thanks to Chris B for the photo)

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