Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Week - The Prussians

So I am starting with my Dystopian Wars stuff, mainly because I have the largest percentage of it painted over all my projects, however with the arrival of reinforcements my painted vs unpainted is sitting around 40/60, but a concentrated effort will get the rest finished quickly.

Sitting on the painting table are a couple of Dreadnoughts, a Battleship, three crusiers and a small pile of destroyers (plus some robots, planes and other odds and ends). Other than adding magnets to my growing stash of turrets and fixing a couple of broken guns on a Metzger, the lot is ready for undercoating..

Ready for magnets
I've also finished a prototype paint job on an island I bought from the guys at Ameria Plastic Mouldings. These things are super cheap Vac Form plastic islands that make our games a little more fun as ships will be able to use some terrain to get away and hide...

Pflicht Class Scout ships check out the new island
Last but not least my swanky new decals from Dom's Decals arrived yesterday - tiny Maltese German crosses for my destroyers and aircraft.

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