Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WIP Week...and a Coin

This week I have decided that I will review all of my projects that I have underway and try to determine a plan for what I want to achieve by the end of the Christmas break..

The current short list has the following items on it... of course I very much doubt that I'll get any more than a few of these things done.
  • Dystopian Wars - Prussian Fleet
  • Dystopian Wars - Islands
  • Malifaux Gang - Cult of December
  • Force on Force - Marines & Opposition
  • Force on Force - Built Up Area Terrain Squares (12"x12" bits of MDF with buildings permanently mounted on them)
  • D&D - new figure for Tabitha Jones
  • Flames of War - US LW Tank Company
  • Flames of War - finish off my Hungarians (Hetzer and German PzIV L/70 platoons)
  • Flames of War - French EW Mechanised Infantry Company
  • Napoleonics - 15mm Prussian Brigade
  • Warmachine - this is the longest list and somewhat depends on Domination brings, but I see eBaldur and Harkovich (plus friends) in my future
  • Flames of War - Italian Garrison force from Burning Empires (for the FlamesCon GT in a month)

Last, but not least... Chris (our organiser from GuardCon last weekend) had our coins... this will probably be my one and only Steamroller coin... but its still very cool!

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Victor Pesch said...

Can I prioritise the list for you?...