Friday, October 14, 2011

WIP Week - Force on Force: US Marines

I've been sitting on these really nice figures from Elheim for a couple of months now and slowly amassing some diecast 1/72 pre-painted vehicles that I thought it was about time to put some paint on the figures and check out how hard they would be to paint. One of the Force on Force books has a quick method for painting them that I am trying out this weekend, just need to pick up some GW Devlan Mud tomorrow (why is it that every paint guide you read these days recommends Devlan Mud... is it this decades GW Chestnut Ink?) and give the figures a quick wash before moving on to some of the detail work.

The figures themselves are really nice (although the editing of this photo is a bit rubbish) and I have mounted them on small washers, with rare earth magnets glued in the hole of the washer, to make storage and transport a little easier.

Marine Fire Team ready for undercoating.

Mike has set me the task of getting Rasputina and the December Acolyte ready for a game at lunch on Monday, and I would like to get this first team finished as well. Normally this would not be a big problem but I understand that there is a 5x XP weekend on World of Tanks... :)

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