Sunday, February 17, 2013

Battlecry 2013

Another Battlecry has come and gone, this year it was a little quiet that previous with most of the Warhammer guys heading down south for a massive teams tournament. I opted to take the easy option and stay in Auckland and play X-Wing. The event was a little smaller than expected with only 8 entrants, half of which were at the Kessel Run event late last year (so I knew there were some veteran gamers). Luckily the Falcon and Slave 1 (and associated cards) were not allowed so it was an even playing field. I borrowed the test Space Mats from work again so that we would have some nice battlefields to play on.

The gaming hall
There was a large 40K contingent there this year and I continue to be surprised by the number of big models (whether they be large monsters, flying things or just otherwise large random things) - perhaps it is since I have not played in over 15 years that I have lost touch with what constitutes a 40K army these days? There was a strong board game crowd, proving that in the age of PC and console games it is still nice to sit down with friends and play a board game. The Warmachine lads turned up in numbers as well putting on a Colossal-fest. I think I may need to tweak my lists for Ides Of March again as it appears that if you do not have a Colossal (or Gargantuan) you had better have a way to take one out!

As for the actual X-Win gaming I managed to go 3 wins out of 4, and thanks to some in depth accounting my strength of schedule put me over the top, taking out first place. I picked up a very nice print, as well as medal and (even better) one of the A-Wings that was left over from last years Kessel Run event! I also managed to take a few shots of some of the other games during the day.
First Place Trophy
Blue on Blue match up (on Red)
Head on run
Asteroid action
I think those Imperials might be a little out numbered
Not Rebel scum, rather Imperial scrum

There was also a good sized Flames Of War event running over the weekend and I managed to snap a couple of photos, as well as some really inspiring photos of a 6mm Micro Armour tournament (using WRG rules). Most of the 6mm terrain is made by an old club mate of mine - Kieran Mahony. I also spotted some super cool Nerf guns... really made me want to crack out the airbrush and go to town on the couple I have. They are of course used for playing with some of the younger kids in the family...
Wayne says "See, this is where I will crush him!
Flames Of War tables
6mm Desert Hotel
6mm Desert Port
6mm BTRs roll past a fender bender
6mm Porsche Dealership
Now those are some cool Nerf guns!
Overall it was an outstanding day (Battlecry is normally a two day event, however I opted to just head by for a single day this year) - many thanks to Karen and the rest of the volunteers for putting one a good time for everyone. Thanks also to Dan for umpiring and organising the X-Wing games, as well as King of Cards for the A-Wing and Seriously Board for providing a whopping $50 voucher for each of the top three players in the event. I might be ordering a second Millennium Falcon from them...erm I mean YT-1300.

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