Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lazy Saturday Painting?

With plenty of work and home painting projects on the go at the moment, a few of us decided to spend Saturday painting. Painting with friends is always much more fun than painting solo and if you can book out a decent stretch of time to do it you may be surprised with how much you get done!

My job for the day was to continue working on my T-34 Battalion, ideally I'll get it finished this week leaving me almost no time to paint something new for Ides of March... Sean was working on his Stormstrider, Wayne had elephants, Napoleonic French and some Flames Of War miniatures on his mind, whereas Victor was finishing his Bronzeback for Ides (and pondering how he would paint his IK RPG 'jack) and Casey was working on some Soviets for the Winter War book. Marcelle even stopped by for a visit bringing joy, sunshine... and some Miss Melicious Cupcakes (they were as nice as they look!).
So many T-34s!
Sean hard at work
Wayne removes his glasses to take on his painting persona

Either thats one big cupcake, or one small elephant!
Wayne and Victor working hard
Victor's 'jack guards his cupcake!
Casey starts the day with the airbrush
And finishes with magic wash

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