Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WWPD4Vets at Battlefront NZ

Steve and guys over at WWPD have come up with a plan to raiseat least $2,500 for the Wounded Warrior Project and other world wide veterans organisations by organising a global 24 hours of gaming! 

They got in contact with Mike and asked if we would like to help out in some way. Needless to say when he raised the idea with me I thought it would be great to participate. Now with all great ideas there has to be a few wrinkles... one, since we are in New Zealand our 24 hours does not sync up too well with the US, and two, we have some real life work stuff going on around this time with some deadlines that we cannot miss so after a little discussion we decided to get involved with a 12 hour version.

We are still ironing out a few things but we have a tentative plan to pull out some of our favourite games (both board and miniature) and generally just have a fun day of gaming with the hope that it will help raise a few dollars for a worthy charity.

To get involved head over to the WWPD4Vets website, or follow the goings on here, as well as Mike's blog or the Flames Of War website where we are planning on hijacking the front page for a day (how many gaming companies would let you show off other peoples miniature games on their front page....!).

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