Thursday, February 7, 2013

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In New Zealand yesterday it was Waitangi Day, a national holiday where we celebrate having a day off work. There is a bit more behind the celebration but since this is not a blog about NZ politics the less said the better. I managed to convince my wargaming-widow (wife) that since Waitangi Day was midweek we should treat it like any other day and I should head to work (and play games!).

My main objective was to get a couple of games in with my Ides Of March list(s), with both Sean and Victor volunteering to take on the eIrusk and Man-O-War challenge. Wayne and Casey rolled out the Hungarian Assault Guns and T-34/85 Battalions, whilst James strapped on his six-shooter and played a couple of games of Legends Of The Old West as other games finished. 

Both of my games were very enjoyable and have given me a little more reason to get the list painted. I am 100% un-convinced about its lethality, however I cannot see why that should stop me from looking at giving it a run. Part of me is however wondering if I should look for some other options for casters, although eIrusk's ability to let models pass through each other and giving most of my army Tough is pretty damn useful!

Nemo3 with a proxied lightning force (Sean) vs a very unpainted Khador force - 4 weeks till Ides, not a problem!
Both sides close in
Big scrum in the middle - I managed to win leaving Nemo in the sights of a boosted Destroyer
James and Victor setting up for some LotOW action
Another big scrum
Action shot of Casey (and Wayne). Casey's T-34/85 horde running into Wayne's Hungarians
T-34/85 firing line!
Zyrinis holding their own on the left flank
Victors Skorne - this is a really nice looking army up close!
First turn advancing towards each other
It was looking so good for me... and then Victor crushed my Demo Corp freeing his Immortals up to win the game!

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