Sunday, November 20, 2011

Iron Painter 2011

This weekend (in fact right now even) a few of us from the office are doing a 24 hour painting challenge to paint a 500 point Raiding (or Garrison) Force from Burning Empires. I'm doing a Compagnia Mitraglieri which has a couple of platoons of infantry, a platoon of artillery and some AS37 Autosaharianas. 16 hours in (almost 4 in the morning) and its not looking too flash I have to say... I have 20 stands of infantry or guns to knock out by midday....

Here is a before shot of the AS37 platoon - an after shot will be up later in the week. For more info check out the Flames of War website though.

And for something a little lighter.... Sean was clearly having a bad afternoon on Friday. Although the other guy in the comic looks particularly charming! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rasputina and Friends: Family Portrait

This week sees Rasputina and her gang finished, crystals included! Sadly though her win record is less than impressive going 0-2 against Phils Viktorias list... need to work on my anti-assassination plan. Perhaps it is time to hit the Malifaux forum and look for the newbie guides.

This weekend though I'll be putting putty on a pile of Italian infantry in preparation for the Iron Painter Event at FlamesCon next weekend (more on that next week).

In the meantime - Raspy and friends...

Now I guess its time to add C. Hoffman and co. to my WIP list....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rasputina and friends.... Done!

Finally managed to finish my December Acolyte - could not get the eyes looking anywhere near right so I have to admit I gave up a little, but I am happy with the overall finished result.

I also managed to base up my GF9 Crystals - these will be used as Ice Pillars for Rasputina to drop down in the game. I still have a couple more at home, I just need to scrounge up a couple of 40mm bases to put them on... perhaps I should hunt through my Warmachine stuff as I am bound to have a couple spare in one of those boxes.

I'll endevour to bring the whole gang into work tomorrow so I can take a nice "family" shot of them finished.

Next question is what to add to the painting table as the replacement for these guys.... I am thinking a C. Hoffman or Kaeris gang would be quite a bit of fun....