Thursday, June 21, 2012

NiCon Teams Tournament & Baldur

A couple of weeks ago, Victor, Sean and myself played in the Warmachine Teams Tournament at NiCon. After last years poor showing we thought we would try and come up with some more competitive lists and perhaps even get some practice games in. Needless to say we only ended up getting a couple of games in but I think we all learnt a lot from it. Victor had his Zaal list packed full of annoying infantry and Ancestral Guardians, Sean had Blindwater list with Maelok and friends.

I took Baldur the Stonesoul and his Tier list
Baldur the Stonesoul

Baldur the Stonesoul (again)

The Wolds
Blackclad Wayfarer

Shifting Stones and Stonekeeper

Druids of Orboros
The entire army was painted (as a few of the other posts on the blog will tell you) over the weeks prior to the event and I am really happy with how the entire force turned out. I would like to have a go at re-doing Baldur's face as I know I can do better, but as a large cohesive army I think it looks great.

One of the things (at least in my mind) that really set it off is the foliage I added to the Wolds. This is the same stuff that I am planning on using on some of my Late War Germans (when I get around to doing them) and is made by a company called Silflor (same people that do the tufts). It was a little annoying to glue on and it is not really something that will last forever if you are doing a lot of gaming with it, but it really made these big wood and stone constructs "pop" on the tabletop.
Silflor Leaf Foliage on Megalith
As for the weekends gaming... it was great fun and our performance on the tabletop was definitely better than last year with a total of 5 individual wins and 2 team wins. For me the most amusing win was a balls to the wall, do or die effort where I knew I had moved badly in my first turn and Xerxis was up in my face too quickly - so the Shifting Stones and Baldur combined for a sweet assassination run. The Blackclad charged in first, hit and managed to knock a few boxes off, then Baldur appeared next to him and said - I have a full load of Fury, you have a few transfers, lets get it on! Xerxis transferred 2 or 3 hits, which killed an Archidon and badly wounded a Titan, however the last attack cleaned him out letting me claw out a victory. It was glorious!

Now to work out what my next WarmaHordes project will be....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Soviet Mid War Tankovy Company

It has been a while since updates - between a lot of painting and a couple of tournaments, not to mention all that 'boring' family stuff... Since the last post was about my GT list, I thought I would share some images of the 2012 Mid War GT "Best Army" (pretty chuffed I have to say - it was even worth the shot of ketchup during our 24 hour painting challenge a couple of months ago).

The list was:

Light Tankovy Companies: 10x T-26S obr 1939: 205 points.
9x T-26S obr 1939: 190 points.

Heavy Tankovy Company: 6x KV-1e: 620 points.

Tankovy Anti-tank Company: 4x 76mm ZIS3 guns: 130 points.
Light Armoured Car Platoon: 3x BA-64 75 points

Armoured Car Company: 10x BA-10M: 310 points
Sporadic Air Support: I-153: 90 points 

I painted up a few extra pieces along the way just to give me a little flexibility for future events.

Battalion Commander

First T-26 Company

Second T-26 Company
KV Company

Zis-3 AT guns

BA-64 Armoured Cars

BA-10 Armoured Cars (winners of my "man of the match" for their performance over the weekend)

If you shoot them enough, you can kill the biggest of targets!
Now I am trying to work out what I want to paint next for the force... the lure of T-28s is very strong I can tell you now!