Friday, May 18, 2012

Flames of War Mid War GT 2012

T-26 in 3 colour camo - thanks to
Twas the night before the Mid War GT
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

In the figure case tanks lay
Put there with care
Painted and varnished
They would fight like a bear

When out in the lounge
There arose such a clatter
Oh darn... I've forgotten to put some decals on he said!...

During the Iron Painter event at work I managed to complete about half the force, and as it was I managed to go so close to finishing off the army with plenty of time to spare only to stumble at the last hurdle. Luckily my wife asked me a question about 45 minutes ago which reminded me of the 3 small jobs I had still to do. So here we are 10 hours before the GT, 2 jobs down leaving one last job to do - varnish my T-26s.
KV in process (left) and finished (right)
Luckily for me I love the smell of Moana (the worlds best varnish) in the morning and since it dries in about 5 minutes I can complete that final job first thing tomorrow morning. 

As for the army list - here you go:
Light Tankovy Companies 
10x T-26S obr 1939: 205 points.
9x T-26S obr 1939: 190 points.

Heavy Tankovy Company

 6x KV-1e: 620 points.

Tankovy Anti-tank Company

 4x 76mm ZIS3 guns: 130 points.
Light Armoured Car Platoon
 3x BA-64 75 points

Armoured Car Company

 10x BA-10M: 310 points

Sporadic Air Support

 I-153: 90 points.

Total Points: 1620 points

The plan is to use the KVs to lead the charge, T26s will protect the flanks whilst the BA-10s use their mobility and lack of Hen & Chicks to be my mobile force. The ZIS-3s can hopefully protect an objective and the air support will take out German Tigers.... or at least that is the plan. I'll let you know how it goes next week....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wold Week: Megalith...SMASH

Wold Week has finished, I am just being slack in terms of getting the final thoughts on the blog! It was a good week, got a pile of stuff done (not as much as I hoped) but I am back on painting T-26s at full speed for another week now, so there is no chance to finish the Circle boys off. Of course they need to be ready in three weeks so I am sure there will be another update shortly on the Wolds.

In the meantime, here is the modified Megalith. I changed him from the standard pose and dropped the arms to make him a little easier to store and carry. The only part that I could not make my mind up on were the "shoulder pads". In the end I decided to remove them and rotate them in line with the arms - my logic was that these should be articulated so that he can more easily drop the shoulder whilst charging and put stone to face!

I'll have some more photos of the entire force up "soon"...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wold Week: Wold Guardian

Wold Week continues... (Its like Shark Week on Discovery but with more stone and less teeth!)

This morning I finished up my Wold Guardian. I am happy on the whole with how he turned out, although I wished I spent a little more time practicing how to paint stone before tackling this guy as I think I could have done a better job. However the finished look is cool and once I add my secret ingrediant (more info coming soon) and finish the basing I think he will really pop on the tabletop.

Next on the list is Megalith, I have decided that I will convert his pose from the traditional hands up, to a something a little easier to transport! 

I've already put a little paint on him, but it is only the base colour for the stone and wood so no great loss if I end up having to redo a little of that work, especially if I have a nicer looking model at the end of the process. I expect to have some photos of him tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm off for my first game with eBaldur and the Wold boys. Going to give Victor a game later today and with a bit of luck I'll confirm that I have a workable list for NiCon... Mike has even promised to show me how Saga works, so it will be be a good day of gaming!

Wold Family...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wold Week: The Woldwyrd

Been busy on the brushes again, this time finishing off a Woldwyrd. Very satisfied with how his “eye” turned out, definitely think it finishes off the figure nicely. Had a bit of a painting fail last night with my Wold Guardian – just too big to finish in one night, although I did managed to get the green glowy bits done and started work on the stone. With a bit of luck I’ll have him finished tomorrow (a lot of luck), leaving Megalith as my last Warbeast to finish up for the NiCon teams tournament. Next week I’ll be returning to Flames Of War, trying to get those 21 T-26s ready for the Mid War GT in a couple of weeks…

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wold Week: Woldwatcher Done(?)

Finished my test Woldwatcher with a little help first thing this morning before work, still needs basing and my secret final additional touch (more on that later in the week). Not 100% happy with the stonework, the face especially... might have a play with that later in the week once I have the other three completed. Victor suggesting trying some of the new GW washes to help build up some contrast... always looking for an excuse to buy new paints so I might have to go and have a look at them!

Also got distracted last night by having to do some more work on my Soviet Mid War GT army... finished the assembly of 21 T-26 tanks! Not a bad nights work I thought.

Tonight I will work on my Woldwyrd, leaving me a Woldguardian and Megalith to try to knock out over Wednesday and Friday nights... I sence a failure about to happen as the new Avengers movie is calling pretty hard as a much better way to spend Friday night!