Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fantastic Plastics at FlamesCon

FlamesCon this year was more than just about the gaming (and hopefully I'll get round to writing up an event report this weekend) with the weekend also being about showing off Flames Of War to the public, as well as bringing a few new secrets out for some of the players to check out.

I managed to grab a few pictures of the plastics that you can expect to see on shelves next year...

Plenty of new plastics coming!
T-34/85 and T-34/76 due out as part of Desperate Measures. Five hulls with ten turrets (5 76mm and 5 85mm)

German Panzer Grenadier Frame (takes two to make a platoon)
American Armoured Rifle Platoon (takes two frames again)

M3 or M5 halftrack (with some plastic crew figures glued in)
These new vehicle kits are a generation ahead of the Open Fire tanks, completely digitally designed and cut (like the M113 and Loach). Check out the .50cal on the M3 frame - it is wonderful!

There were also some images of some more work in progress plastics with component lists. Looks like 2014 might see me finally getting a Panzer Grenadier company built with the 251 and Panther on the list.



Scottswargaming said...

It will be interesting to see how the prices compare with that of other manufacturers...

The Kiwi said...

Awesome. Hopefully they make even more plastic kits.